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Cosmic Cravings
Hawaiian Blend
Martian Mocha Java
Mill House Blend
Orson's Espresso
Pop's Italian Roast
Rocket Fuel
Windsor Breakfast

Joey's Rainforest
Colombian Supremo
Cost Rican Tarazzu
Guatemalan Antigua
Honduran Marcala
Jamaican Blue Mtn

Ethiopian Sidamo
Kenya AA
Tanzanian Hope

100% Hawaiian Kona
Indonesian Java
Sumatra Mandheling

Jaedis' Viennese
JP's French Roast
Pop's Italian Roast

Wide Flavor Selections

Frosty's Favorite
Holiday Grog
Mistletoe Mocha
Nutcracker Sweet
Roasted Chestnut
White Christmas

Grover's Mill Gourmet Coffee

At Grover's Mill we are exceptionally proud of our coffee. We are constantly searching the globe to bring you only the finest beans available. We offer distinguishing palettes a large variety of gourmet coffees from different continents in many delicious flavors in our store.

We use the finest 100% Arabica beans from around the world. Our freshly roasted coffees come in black foil heat sealed bags with one way valves. The valve keeps the moisture and air out and allows the coffee to breath. Air and moisture can be damaging to freshly roasted coffee. We do not recommend refrigerating your coffee, this may cause a build up of condensation and may reduce the flavor of your coffee. Simply keep your coffee stored in an airtight container and keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Choosing a Coffee

Becoming a coffee expert can be very fun and interesting, but where do you start? When trying new coffees remember that many gourmet coffees are named for their country of origin, the grade of coffee, the region of growth, the roasting process or the type of blend or flavor. For example, Kenya AA signifies the top grade of coffee from Kenya, while French Roast denotes the type of roasting method. Many merchants also create their own flavorful house blends by combining coffees with complementary tastes. Our Martian Mocha Java is an incredibly scrumptious blend of Ethiopian Moka and Peaberry beans from the island of Java.

There are several types of roasts available. Coffee beans with a light brown color and no traces of oil on the surface are known as American or Traditional roasts. Venetian Roasts undergo longer roasting times which ensures a rich, full flavor. These beans are dark brown with a small amount of oil on the surface. French or Italian Roasts are much darker and have a very shiny appearance as the oils rise to the surface during the roasting process.

With regards to flavored coffee, experienced merchants use flavors such as Hazelnut Creme, French Vanilla or Chocolate Raspberry, to enhance their gourmet coffees. Flavors are immediately added after roasting when the beans are warm to ensure that they are fully absorbed. The result is the delicious variety of tastes you crave with almost no calories. In fact, flavored coffees are practically fat-free and almost have less than two calories per cup.

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