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What Really Happened at Grover's Mill ?
The Martian Perspective

Our Story Begins...

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles' radio broadcast version of "The War of the Worlds" shocked the nation. The radio drama proclaimed that Martian invaders had landed in the sleepy hamlet of Grover's Mill, New Jersey. While many across the land believed the broadcast, it was later dismissed as a hoax. Yet the local farmers of Grover's Mill knew better - the Martians had indeed come - and they came for the coffee.

Fate's Hand...

Enter Broo Blork, Martian coffee purveyor, for the Interplanetary Coffee Council (ICC). His mission - to seek out and obtain the galaxy's finest coffees. As Welles and his Mercury Theatre Players take to the airwaves on this crisp October evening, Broo and his colleagues are blasting off from the Red Planet and heading to the neighboring planet Earth.

Secret Meetings...

Broo and his crew hurl through space at tremendous speed, their final destination- Grover's Mill New Jersey - for a secret rendezvous with his Earthling counter part, farmer and coffee bootlegger, J.P. French. French has been providing Broo and the ICC with the finest coffee for years: Kenya AA, Columbian Supremo, Costa Rican Tarrazu, and yes, even Jamaican Blue Mountain!

Further Intrigue...

Broo and his team arrive in Grover's Mill on October 30, 1938 at approximately 8:15 pm EST. The Martian craft lands in a field just north of Grover's Pond. Broo heads toward the old mill, but French is nowhere to be seen. Voices come from the farm house across the street, but still no French. Broo is suddenly distracted by a rich aroma that he cannot ignore. It's ...a pot of Hazelnut Creme brewing on an outdoor fire in the cool autumn air.


Helpless to control himself, Broo turns toward the farm house, passing a small but sturdy water tower in the backyard. As he rounds the porch, his senses pull him toward the coffee brewing on the fire. Inside the house the radio is on. The announcer describes a meteor that has apparently landed nearby. But Broo's instincts as a coffee afficianado have taken over. He reaches for the pot and pours himself a cup of Hazelnut Creme.


As Broo draws his first sips of coffee, the porch door bursts open, followed by a mob of panicked locals, who were previously listening to the Welles' broadcast. Mostly farmers and millers with shot guns in hand, they surround Broo. An itchy trigger finger accidentally fires off a round and hits the water tower. Broo instinctively presses the button on his wristwatch. This of course sends a distress signal back to Mars.

The Rescue...

On Mars, Broo's distress signal is instantly received by the ICC and an immense rescue mission deploying hundreds of Martian ships begins. Back on Earth Broo nervously clings to his warm cup of coffee. The locals direct their anxious gun barrels at his head. Suddenly J.P. French walks around the corner, "Whoa! What's goin' on here? Let that little feller go, he's with me!" The guns drop as French begins telling his tale to the townspeople. As the Welles' broadcast is ending, the locals enjoy their delicious coffee with Broo. Eventually they become partners, joining the ICC and start the Grover's Mill Coffee Company, bringing the best coffee the galaxy can offer to humanity.